Training remote and rural pastors

One of our partners, MOCLAM, is involved providing high level theological training to pastors in a “limited access”* Latin American country. This training happens at multiple locations using various models according to local conditions.

One newly established training centre is located in the most remote part of the country, where few visitors are able go.


The national trainers that work with MOCLAM make the 18hr trek to this location 6-8 times each year to spend a week with church leaders in the area teaching classes of 20-30 pastors 1 subjects from the MOCLAM curriculum. They also have the opportunity to encourage the Christians in this region, who appreciate the opportunity to experience a wider fellowship.

Through this contact, national churches are growing in their care for these isolated churches, providing for their physical and training needs. Recently the visiting tutors were also able to deliver 2km of piping for fresh water supply, and several cases of Bibles – all supplied by national churches in the urban area.

It is also encouraging to hear that a newly established seminary is being supported by local churches.

This summer one national urban church will be sending a mission team to help the local church in their work of evangelising several small villages.

The work that MOCLAM doing in this country is not only providing pastors with training which will help them in their local ministry, but also establishing networks of mutual support and encouragement.

Your gift of $1,000 will allow LAC to pay the costs associated for a one week MOCLAM course in this location, including:

  • Travel costs of the tutors
  • Materials for 25-30 participating pastors and leaders
  • Food for 25-30 participants
  • Housing for the remotely located participants
  • Travel assistance for remotely located participants.

Alternatively, contact us and we can provide you with bank account details for a direct transfer.

*A note about limited access countries.
Our partner organisation MOCLAM is involved in theological education programs in several countries where the freedoms of Christians and/or churches are restricted. For this reason, specific location and country details are not provided.

Helping train Christian leaders in Latin America