Our vision: To see God’s kingdom grow in Latin America.

Our mission: To raise and distribute funds to support theological education in Latin America.


Our strategy: Through the generosity of donors, we provide funds to:

  • Support students who are studying theology in their home region.
  • Support programs in Latin America that teach theology to pastors and church leaders.
  • Provide resources and materials to be used for teaching theology.

Why is this needed?

In 2 Tim 2:2 Paul commands Timothy to pass on the gospel message to faithful men, who will pass it on to others. This gives us a great model of theological education. It involves:

  • passing on the truth of the gospel.
  • passing it on to people who are trustworthy.
  • passing it on so that can pass it on to others.

Many pastors and church leaders in Latin America have little or no formal theological training. Without this training they have few resources to be able to shepherd their flocks through the daily pastoral challenges that life presents.

Some factors that make theological education difficult, or impossible, include economics, geography, history and culture. The aim of Latin America for Christ Inc. is to raise funds to support projects that provide high quality theological education in a locally accessible way.

Helping train Christian leaders in Latin America